April 24, 2016

Union executive David Rolf celebrates “The Fight for Fifteen” … law professor Nancy Maveety talks about partisanship in the history of Supreme Court nominations. And Bill Press interviews Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

David Rolf

A prominent union leader, David Rolf, has written a book on the history of “The Fight For Fifteen” – raising the minimum wage to at least that level. He says there is little hope that Congress will do it, but that states and localities are acting.
Website: http://seiu775.org/leadership/david-rolf/

Nancy Maveety

Nancy Maveety, a law professor at Tulane, says, historically, the Supreme Court has not always been pro-business and reminds us that Citizens United was, in fact, only a 5-4 decision.
Website: http://www.transactionpub.com/title/Picking-Judges-978-1-4128-6330-8.html

Jeff Merkley

Bill Press interviews Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley.

Jim Hightower

Who says crime doesn’t pay?

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