March 20, 2016

Jere Glover has the facts about Republican economic disasters … Robert Paarlberg explains the role of public policy on the obesity epidemic … and Bill Press interviews liberal author Thomas Frank.

Jere Glover has been studying national economic data for years, and, once again, the latest figures show that the economy thrives under Democrats and flops under Republicans. Robert Paarlberg is an expert on food, and he has some ideas about how to combat obesity by improving public policy. Progressive author Thomas Frank talks with Bill Press about his new book on liberal setbacks under President Obama.

Jere Glover

If you only listened to Republicans, you would have no idea that for the last 60 years or so, almost every measure of the economy does much better when a Democrat is president. Jere Glover runs down the evidence for us.

Robert Paarlberg

How do we get a handle on obesity … and poverty? Harvard professor Robert Paarlberg says sound public policy can help … including exempting sugary products from food stamp eligibility.

Thomas Frank

Thomas Frank talks with Bill Press. They both have books out about disappointments for progressives under a Democratic president.

Jim Hightower

Will GOP lawmakers say “yes” to any Obama proposal?

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