March 6, 2016

Nancy Maveety on the Supreme Court vacancy, Sheila Simon on the perils of electing inexperienced businessmen, and Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence on the environmental disaster in Flint, Michigan.

Political Science Professor Nancy Maveety is an expert on how presidents pick judicial nominees. Things are different this time around, she says, because Senate Republicans have gone beyond the extreme. Sheila Simon used to be lieutenant governor of Illinois, and she warns the rest of the country about what happens when people elect a super-rich guy with no political experience. That’s what happened in her state – big businessmen from out of state buying the governorship. And Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, in an interview on the Bill Press Show, tells the devastating story of the water poisoning in Flint, Michigan.

Nancy Maveety

Nancy Maveety is an expert on the history of federal court nominations. While there is always a partisan element in the process of the Senate advising and consenting, she says this time Mitch McConnell has escalated the rhetoric and gone beyond all previous examples of extremism.

Sheila Simon

In 2015, a rich businessman, elected with money from his out-of-state cronies, took over the governorship of Illinois. The results have been a disaster, reports Sheila Simon, who HAD been lieutenant governor.

Brenda Lawrence

Michigan Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence, interviewed on the Bill Press Show, describes the disaster in Flint, Michigan.

Jim Hightower

Going down the Republican rabbit hole.

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