February 3, 2013

Elections have consequences, and the proof is the sudden impetus for a bipartisan immigration bill. Just before a few Senate Republicans decided to join progressives in starting immigration reform, we spoke with Maria Teresa Kumar, head of the advocacy group Voto Latino.

And we continue our conversation with Erica Seifert, the election analyst who has identified a new group of voters that she calls the “Rising American Electorate.”

And Bill Press talks with Tom Buffenbarger, head of the International Association of Machinists, about threats to the labor movement.

  • Feb. 3, 2013 Feb. 3, 2013 Movement on immigration reform. Why? Look at the election results!
  • Maria Teresa-Kumar  Maria Teresa-Kumar One argument that might help speed immigration reform along could be the economic aspect. Reform advocate Maria Teresa Kumar, the head of Voto Latino, says new Americans will contribute taxes and application fees to the economy.
  • Erica Seifert Erica Seifert Polling expert Erica Seifert has identified and named the Obama voting coalition. They constitute, in her words, the “Rising American Electorate.” She analyzes the 2012 election and points out that not only does gerrymandering raise questions about how Congress functions … so does our tendency to live where our political friends live.
  • Tom Buffenbarger Tom Buffenbarger Bill Press and machinists’ union president Tom Buffenbarger discuss the threats to the labor movement.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower Good retail jobs would be good for America.

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