January 20, 2013

As President Obama begins his second term, he faces difficult challenges. Former Congressman Tom Allen says one of those challenges is dealing with a Congress whose members look at each other as visitors from another planet.

And Latina political analyst Maria Teresa Kumar says gains made in the 2012 elections can take effect only if minority voters and other Democrats show up at the polls in the 2014 midterm elections to retake the House of Representatives.

Bill Press speaks with Vincent DeMarco, who says the faith community can be a powerful force in getting more sensible gun laws.

  • Jan. 20, 2013 Jan. 20, 2013 Visitors from another planet inhabit Congress … and in the real world, a pressing issue for Congress is how to deal with visitors from other countries.
  • Tom Allen Tom Allen Tom Allen is a former Democratic congressman from Maine. He has just written a book about why Congress is so dysfunctional. He says the blame lies mostly with Republicans, whom he says must eventually become more pragmatic if they are to survive.
  • Maria Teresa Kumar Maria Teresa Kumar Latina political activist Maria Teresa Kumar reviews the 2012 election in terms of minority turnout and warns that Democrats have to gin up their vote in the 2014 midterm elections to win back the House of Representatives.
  • Vincent DeMarco Vincent DeMarco Bill Press and his guest, Vincent DeMarco, says the faith community can be a powerful force in getting more sensible gun laws.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower Let a grunt run the Pentagon for a chance.

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