October 21, 2012

Democrats run the economy better but Republicans are better at binding … and binders.

  • Oct. 21, 2012 Oct. 21, 2012 This week, Jere Glover says the data shows Democrats are better for the economy than Republicans. Jonathan Haidt suggests ways for Congress to work better. Bill Press interviews DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse. And Jim Hightower goes down on the farm for a Romney photo op.
  • Jere Glover Jere Glover Did you know that nine out of the last 10 recessions began under Republican administrations? Did you know that the stock market does better under Democrats than Republicans? Eye-opening historical economic data from small-business expert Jere Glover makes it clear which party is better for America.
  • Jonathan Haidt Jonathan Haidt Social psychologist Jonathan Haidt has written a book about why it is that good people are divided so starkly by politics. He says we are a tribal and “groupish” people – and, unfortunately, Republicans are better than Democrats at, in his words, “binding together when under threat.”
  • Brad Woodhouse Brad Woodhouse Bill Press interviews Brad Woodhouse, communications director of the DNC, following the second presidential debate. They discuss Mitt Romney's failed "gotcha" moment on Benghazi, and the offensiveness of politicizing foreign policy.
  • Jim Hightower Jim Hightower Jim Hightower goes down on the farm for a Mitt Romney photo op.

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