Fred’s Thoughts – December 5th, 2011

It’s campaign time and voters should prepare for a barrage of spin, lies and half lies, distortions and distractions.

Frank Luntz is the long time Republican word guru. He’s the man who creates the language Republicans use to effectively hide the real purpose of their policy ideas. Thanks to the ever vigilant Think Progress team at the Center for American Progress, we have a report on Luntz’s new suggestions at a seminar for Republican governors.

Don’t say Capitalism, Luntz told the governors. If we’re seen as defenders of Wall Street, we’ve got problems. Use terms like economic freedom or free markets, he said. And don’t use the term, the government taxes the rich . Say instead the government takes from the rich. We can’t resist an aside here.

Conservative Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma asked the IRS for a report on the dollar amount of economic bennies the ultra rich, those making one million or more a year received from the federal government. The total– 30 billion a year.

Finally, Luntz says to use the term hardworking taxpayers not the term middle class. The public has wised up to the fact the GOP doesn’t help the middle class, so change the language. Confuse the public. How does the above work in practice ? Look for Republicans to keep repeating terms. Like Job creators as being synonymous with the ultra rich. They don’t try to prove it; they can’t. But by constant repetition, some people will believe it. You’ll be seeing the Luntz language show up as Republicans robotically repeat language that is meant to confuse not clarify.

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