–October 9, 2011

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Lily Eskelsen

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Lily Eskelsen, vice president at the National Education Association, tells us how the American Jobs Act offers crucial support to our nation’s biggest job creators: teachers. We’ll hear why the bill could be the solution to getting American students ahead of their international counterparts.

Education Votes

NEA’s Legislative Action Center

Catherine Poe

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Regular guest Catherine Poe discusses new developments in the race to become the Republican presidential nominee in 2012. She says the race reminds her of the tortoise and the hare, but which slow and steady candidate will ultimately win the race?

“Chris Christie says no is no, but what about 2016?”

The Ad Lib blog


Robert McElvaine

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Professor Robert McElvaine, chair of the history department at Millsaps College, discusses his book Grand Theft Jesus: The Hijacking of Religion in America. He says popular conservative figures such as Michele Bachmann and Glenn Beck have earned themselves spots on the Unwanted List for their skewed version of Christianity.

Robert McElvaine’s homepage

Grand Theft Jesus: The Hijacking of Religion in America