Mr. President, call the Tea Party’s Bluff!

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Only 3 days until the United States defaults on its national debt. US Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner says, if we don’t raise the debt ceiling now, we’ll risk “catastrophic economic consequences that would last for decades.” 1

But the Tea Party is holding America hostage with this debt ceiling fight. Tired of the debate? The 14th Amendment is the way out.

The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution says that the “validity of public debt…shall not be questioned.” 2 What does that mean? It means we have to pay our debts, regardless of what Tea Party Republicans think. Or how they want to use the threat of default to gut Social Security and Medicare. Economist James K. Galbraith says Congress shouldn’t even be debating the debt ceiling – it’s unconstitutional. 3

President Bill Clinton has said, if he were still president, he would raise the debt ceiling himself, “without hesitation, and force the courts to stop me.” 4 

Well, the time has come for President Obama to listen to President Clinton – and average Americans.

Sign our petition and tell President Obama to use the 14th Amendment to avoid catastrophe!

If President Obama raises the debt ceiling himself, we don’t have to risk defaulting on our debts. If we don’t default on our debt, we don’t risk hurting our economy even further.

We need to stop John Boehner and the Tea Party before it’s too late!

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